a Many Fold Farm visit

Recently, I've had the extreme pleasure of visiting Many Fold Farm on not one, but two occasions. The first trip was total happenstance after following a sign marked "farm" while wandering around Serenbe and it's neighboring parts. The second visit was for their farm open house and it truly was a blast. Free beer, great music, CHEESE SAMPLES, and the MOST informative farm tour I've ever been on. 

After visiting, I'm in awe of the passion, knowledge, and drive that owners Ross + Rebecca as well as their amazing staff possess. They're long term plan of becoming a completely sustainable operation from the grass to their flocks is spot on and so AWESOME. Their knowledge comes from their passion and vice versa.  From the herding dogs to the chickens to the sheep to the actual cheese it was so neat to walk around and hear all that goes into making their amazing products. 

So if you find yourself wandering near Chattahoochee Hills, stop by their farm store, buy some cheese, and consider taking a tour of their setup. I guarantee you'll learn something and walk away with one of the best local (to Georgia) products. 


*I finally got to try the Brebis for a cheesecake and it was SUPERB. I will never use cream cheese again. *

*also, make sure to stay tuned to this... hopefully, there was enough of an outcry against it, but certain food laws designed at keeping food "safe" are ridiculous. this proposed FDA rule takes the cheese right now.*