THE Sean O'Keefe Culinary Experience

I am of the opinion that we are at a very interesting point on our human timeline. Generations will look back on this time in history and have lots of interesting things to say. We've experienced a dependence on technology like never before. Whether or not you call it "global warming" or "climate change," we are experiencing a big change in global temperatures and a push to look at the way we use our world's resources. Looking at more personal actions, people of this generation are the first to grow up not really knowing how to grow and cook their own food. I realize this does not go for everyone, but I think we can agree that since the 1950's and the rise of prepared and packaged foods, there has been a noticeable decline in people cooking for themselves.  We are becoming more and more dependent on outside sources instead of relying on certain skills that (in my opinion) we inherently posses.

Enter Sean O'Keefe. Yes, he is an amazing event designer and coordinator, but he is first and foremost a chef with some pretty brilliant ideas in the kitchen. Having the background in food that I do, it was great to photograph one of his most recent classes and definitely learn a few tips along the way.  

If you're looking to beef up your knowledge in the kitchen, look no further than Sean O'Keefe. His classes range from the basics to more involved and no matter which class it is, you will 100% walk away feeling a little more confident in the kitchen. 

For this particular Sunday afternoon class, Sean instructed 6 folks through 6 different recipes, pairing each course with a new wine. Using a lot of the ingredients from his own garden and composting a lot of the waste, Sean keeps the classes environmentally friendly as well. From stuffed portobello mushrooms to oysters to quiche to cherry + goat cheese empanadas, it really was a delicious afternoon! 

chef sean2.jpg

Check out Sean O'Keefe Events and contact Sean to do a private class with your friends and family. He's offering special classes throughout the summer, so don't miss out!