Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2014

Oh, Food & Wine, you are an interesting beast.... a festival after my own heart and anxieties. I do love food, and I love the people that create food.  I certainly love all those people together in one small area showing off their specialties and creations for me to consume for free. But then you add heat and humidity, LOTS of booze, very little water, plus the masses, and you have a whole different can of worms. But that's just what the annual Atlanta Food & Wine festival is... a whole different fun and sweaty can of worms. mmmm, yum!

Via Zagat, I had a wonderful time this year visiting the tents on Saturday. I ran into so many of my favorite faces: Angus Brown of Lusca prepping a ricotta tart with tomatoes,  Turnip Truck making a DELICIOUS strawberry Gazpacho with local Georgia strawberries, Martha McMillin with Preserving Place showing off her Onion Confit spread, Revolution Doughnuts and their local peach slider doughnut, and Mims Bledsoe of The Pie Shop doing a really cool Cherry Habanero Pie. A few newbies to me included Seven Lamps and their Pimento Cheese, which was good and had me interested in a visit. I also was very impresses with Barnsley Gardens asparagus and prosciutto dish as well as their whole table. AND Central BBQ from Memphis brought some bacon wrapped something (does not matter what it was, it was wrapped in bacon) that looked awesome, but was long gone before I could get to it. 

Barnsley gardens produce.jpg
revolution doughnuts.jpg
Angus Brown Lusca.jpg
seven lamps pimento cheese.jpg
turnip truck strawb gazpacho.jpg
taria camerino.jpg
martha mcmillin Preserving Place.jpg