Going There and Doing That

I was looking through my old photographs from my Go That Do There days (I spent 6 months in a van with my best friend traveling the country working on farms in 23 states), and it is so crazy to see how far I've come taking photos. I used that 6 month period of traveling to really learn photography and take photos of literally EVERYTHING. I wouldn't take just 1 shot, I took 20 of the same thing working all the different angles to figure out how it all worked. Looking back on these images, I remember how passionate I was about getting these shots and figuring out how the camera worked shooting with both a Nikon DSLR and my Canon A1. Looking back I remember why I love photography so much, It's such a valuable way to document life, people, and everything in between. These images I have, whether they are good or bad, spark so many great memories and I'm so lucky to have them... even if I have like 30 shots of the same thing. 


I took this photo at the Ventura, California farmer's market. The town is insanely beautiful and full of awesome hippies. We worked at a non profit after-school program called Art Barn. I will never forget that place... 

And these were some of the shots leading up to the one I love:


Happy Saturday, y'all!