Film Friday

I'm excited to start a new tradition on my blog: film fridays. Awhile ago, I brought back out my Canon A1 and have been shooting lots of rolls only to discover that  my beloved E6 processing lab on the Westside closed down and to trust CVS with development is like giving your newborn to a wolf. After a little research I found Wings Camera on Briarcliff and they develop. Actually, they send it off to get developed, but it can be accomplished in as little as 2 days. I took my film, they did a wonderful job so now I'm back to shooting film. 

It doesn't hurt that this was the first batch I got back from my trip to Vermont + Maine almost exactly a year ago. I'm so in love with these images. There are flaws, but it's the flaws that make them real and make me respect them even more. They also make me respect taking photos as a an artful endeavor and not just a point, shoot, then edit process. 

Happy Friday, y'all. Get out and enjoy this insanely beautiful weather!!!