thank you, 2018

It’s been a hell of a year, y’all… so much gluten, so much butter, so much growth, so much Fergus, so much change, so many interesting places, SO MANY BEAUTIFUL FACES, so much love, so so so much to be grateful for, SO MUCH FIRE and SO SO SO MUCH to look forward to in 2019.


Below you’ll find my recap of all the great hard stressful exciting exhausting worthwhile great things that happened in the life of sedodge/bread is good in 2018. I relate to the world in visuals so enjoy!

  1. POPUPS… so, I left 8ARM in November of 2017 feeling lost, depleted, poor, hopeless, sad, and used. i spend the end of 2017 feeling sorry for myself and feeling a lot of sadness for things that had transpired and losses that occurred. I woke up in 2018 realizing that the AMEX bill wasn’t going to pay itself and that Fergus was most likely not going to get a job. So, I put on my big girl pants and decided to do a popup… I made fun of the idea at first (seriously, what is this phenomenon of popups) but Cora of Queen of Cream opened up her space to me, y’all showed up, and I started baking and cooking bread, pastries, and dishes that made me happy. Me and my AMEX bill are incredibly incredibly grateful for all of you who have showed up for a bread is good popup in 2018. You have no idea the impact that your support has provided me this year.

    thanks to Queen of Cream, Mashburn, the Spindle, Little’s, a mano, and Brother Moto for so many wonderful opportunities!

2. Alvin DJ DIEC / bros dot bros office of brothers … I don’t think I will ever be able to properly put into words all the gratitude i have for the genius that is Alvin Diec. Alvin put visuals, words, and oddities to my thoughts, talents, and visions and created a voice AND A TOTE SWAG BAG for me this year. I would be lost without him, his encouragement, and the genius that he brings to my work but also so many people in this city. He is a cool cool duck, and one day, I will win the bread lottery and give all of my winnings to him.

IMG_0954 (1).JPG

3. Cumberland Island ————-> Israel … took my own advice and said yes to two opportunities that straight up scared the shit out of me but straight up changed my life and the trajectory of my year and probably life. First in February, I went and worked as a sub baker at the Greyfield Inn on a teeny tiny barrier island off the coast of Georgia called Cumberland Island. The time spent alone biking, walking, hiking, talking to myself, reading, figuring shit out, baking what i wanted, and ultimately finding myself again were some of the best and hardest days of my life. Mitty, Mary, Whitney, Ben, Alejandro, and everyone else… such amazing souls … such an amazing place.


Second, I took a chance and applied for a “influencers in food” trip to Israel and despite probably making the worlds worst application video, getting wait listed at first, getting in and then dragging my feet only to have my mom ask me if I was a dumbass, i said yes and little introverted me joined 50 other folks from around the world and explored Israel. To say it was an experience of a lifetime is yet another understatement. I learned a lot about myself and how little I truly have experienced the world and cultures that are different than mine.

IMG_4601 (2).jpg

4. Fergus… not much else to say beyond he is perfect, he makes my life better, he makes me better, and he is photogenic AF. find you a dog that treats you right, takes you on adventures, and makes you feel good to be ALIVE.

5. The humans, friends (new and old), acquaintances, randoms, and animals that i’ve met, worked with, played with, laughed with, baked with, baked for, cooked with, cooked for, traveled with, and become better for meeting as a result. More than anything, I needed a year filled with good humans, and I got that ten fold. Lucky lucky lucky grateful me. if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them, so thank you.

6. And last but not least BREAD IS GOOD… january 2018, i had no clue who i was, what the hell i was doing, what I was gong to do, and how the absolute hell I was going to continue this baking career of mine. I signed up to do a popup, I shakingly and unknowingly and stupidly but maybe geniusly responded to a writer’s question of “whats your popup called?’ with “uuuuughhhhh breeeeeead issssssss good ?” lolol who knew from there how all of it would transpire and what would become of this little rogue-slightly-illegal-but-just-my- type-bread-4-the-people bread operation. BREAD IS GOOD hopes to continue to be good to all of you in 2019. To round this all out, I am going to lay it out there that I have started the process on a space. I am terrified -excited- hopeful - scared - beyond READY for what will become and unfold 2019. Things may fall through or they may go all the way (that’s what she said) … who’s to say, but I am pumped for it all and excited to share it with you all in the coming new year.

Happy New Year to you all !!!!!!! I look forward to breading and loafing you all in 2019. love + loafing, SEDODGE + #breadisgood