The Perfect Seam


…. that damn elusive perfect seam that gives me the wearying woes. The elusive perfect seam that can only follow a contained shape which can only follow a proper bench rest which can only follow a patient bulk ferment, an intuitive mix, and first and foremost, a healthy and robustly maintained starter. The elusive perfect seam precedes an active proof which precedes a swift score which all precedes a soulful bake. The perfect seam is only realized when all parts are respected … when all parts succeed. No one part in bread baking can succeed if other parts fail or are ignored. The hardest thing to teach myself and others, OH MY GOD, is to respect the WHOLE process.… to respect the damn journey… that there is love in every part. That there needs to be patience and respect in every part not just the end. Patience in slow food must never die… also, lil booties matter.