Washington State

With a major travel bug setting in, I'm forced to reconcile my fever with old photographs of old journeys. I think back on how lucky I was to take such an amazing trip with my best friend across the country. Two weird girls setting out with very little by way of an agenda or plan.  We saw places and did things that, looking back now, i don't know if I would've ever seen had it not been for the circumstances we were in. Because we were exploring by car and because we had no itinerary, we found ourselves off the beaten path many times exploring parts of the country that are so freaking cool. 

And thank heavens, above all, I carried my camera...

These photos are from Olympic National Park in western Washington state. At this point, we were becoming exponentially poor. California had wiped us dry. We attempted to get in for free with a "lost" National Parks Pass (which had been stolen at Hugh Hefner's birthday party... in Vegas...long story). We also probably tried to get in as "senior" citizens. Seniors in College, heyhey! Although "rudeface" did make us pay, we're so glad we went, i would recommend everyone take some time to hike in the area.