The Thing About Granola...

… Is that you oftentimes get jipped. First of all, granola is fairly expensive as it should be, but most of the time what is sold to you and what you actually eat makes you feel a little jipped. In my opinion most granolas etierh leave you feeling like you paid $14 for a few cups of diabetes or $14 for a cup of tasteless seeds. “Granola” has become one of those trigger words/foods we hear that automatically brings to mind super healthy, mountain climbing (i.e. energy for mountain climbing), earthy, crunchy, healthy humans. But the thing is, is that granola can take on many forms and probably more often than not most in store granolas are either filled with straight up sugar, hidden sugar, or just zero nutrition. In a little jaunt down the granola aisle, it was not only mind blowing to see sugar content, but also to see amount of oils and filler ingredients in MOST granolas.


So while (in my granola per se) the oats are full of good iron and fiber, nuts and seeds are full of good heart healthy saturated fats, dried fruits add slight nutritional value but mostly flavor with less nutritional cost, and there is slight evidence of antioxidants in honey, you still need to watch what is going into granola. Granola is one of those foods i recommend either making yourself, buying local, or buying from me so as to be totally sure of sugar content, fat content, and just just getting the most local and nutritional bang for your buck.


So, the thing about granola… is you want to know what you’re buying. Know the ingredients: oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, honey, 1 tbs maple per 4 cups, and sometimes but rarely other various nuts especially local Georgia pecans.