Bread is Good Beach Loafin’

“another one” productions Alvin Diec @brosdotbros

“another one” productions Alvin Diec @brosdotbros

This past weekend, I had 2 lovely requests and opportunities to take my work out of town and get the hell out of Dodge and into St. Simons.

I am so grateful for all the lovely teaching opportunities that my bread work has been bringing to me so keep it up and feel free to send me a request if interested! I had a great time with this group doing a 2 day intensive sourdough workshop. So much bread joy in one place!!


And then, THANK YOU THANK YOU to Southern Soul BBQ for hosting a Bread is Good Breakfast popup on Saturday morning, it was so nice to feed a whole new set of faces and push mu gluten loving agenda on to new palates. I had a blast!


Finally, time at the beach with my boy was not missed… he’s a little beach lover.

Also this sweet older couple walked hand and hand on the beach looking at seashells, touching seashells, talking about seashells, and I followed creepily and closely behind because it was so tender and sweet. Love is great, y’all.

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