Hi all, for those that are new to SEDODGE and/or bread is good, I just wanted to do a little intro.

So first off, hello hi bonjour I am Sarah Elizabeth Dodge, i.e. SEDODGE, and I love bread. I left restaurant life at the end of 2017 to regain better mental health, better life balance, and honestly, to make better bread. According to one writer, I also left restaurants to spend more time with my dog, FERGUS, which financially is not true, but emotionally, yes, I guess that’s part of it. I spent a lot of 2018 building a weird rogue gluten filled brand for myself by selling bread door to door and poppin up all over town with breakfast, bread, and pastries. I am grateful to the support I’ve been given, but mostly grateful to be able to spend my days demystifying and de-demonizing GOOD BREAD. Through bread delivery, popups, teaching, and hopefully a new commercial space, I hope to continue this weird great thing I got going and I hope to loaf more and more of you in 2019.


It can be hard and awkward to sum up what I do on a daily basis because basically i barely know what i do. It’s super fun to be around my parents friends and describe the concepts of rogue bread and popups. lol. But in sum, everyday, I wake up, mix, ferment, shape, proof, and bake as many loaves of beautiful fermented goodness as I can and then deliver said baked loaf hot and fresh straight to your door hopefully in time for dinner. Via this website, bread options will be posted every SUNDAY MORNING (unless notified) and will remain open till MONDAY at 4pm. You will purchase your bread and follow up via my email at sedodge@gmail.com with any other questions, concerns, or desires. And My bread is good delivery schpeal is this : I am like the milk man, but for bread, and I’m a babe. I am your BREAD BABE. We deliver hot bread to your door by 5pm on your delivery day. No need to be home, but if you have a reusable canvas tote, please place outside on delivery day so that we can cut down on waste and save the whales! THIS IS ALSO A GREAT MOMENT TO PURCHASE ONE OF OUR BREAD IS GOOD TOTES LIKE THIS ONE OR THIS ONE!!


Thank you all for joining on and supporting this good bread movement. I believe that it’s through little acts like breaking bread at the table with friends or little decisions like choosing to eat something made locally with good ingredients that little ripples of change in the world begin to happen. I also believe that everyone morning we have the chance to wake up and begin again and for me it all begins with that first cup of coffee and that first beautiful meal called BREAKFAST. Good bread, good pastry, good company, good breakfast, good first choices; they all shape your day. Thanks for letting me apart of that for you. I look forward to all the loaves in the company and in breading you all in 2019. cheers!